Friday, November 20, 2009

The Diva Of Our Lives

Much speculation is made about the way Jeanette basically, well... puts her hands places on certain costars. Especially about a picture from the set of Smilin Through. Yeah, I know, we said no drama, but I really think I need to break down this picture into a diagram of sorts. Mostly I just wanted to circle things in red and act like I'm important. Shake down (1979) after the jump!

Oh yeah, they were doing it. Just ask the question at!

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  1. A charming picture of Jeanette and Jimmy on the set of "Smilin Through". Jimmy was to have played the role essayed by Gene Raymond but entered the service and had to back out thus enabling us to have the pleasure of the real-life Mr. and Mrs. Raymond in this film. Jimmy was quoted through the years as having great admiration for Miss MacDonald who was encouraging of the newcomer in 1935 during the filming of "Rosemarie", his first major role. When Miss MacDonald passed away in January of 1965, Hedda Hopper quoted Stewart in her column as saying he was "...deeply saddened..." by her passing.