Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, blogfolk!
Us poor kids without Photoshop have to ask for favors sometimes, so...

Thanks to Vonnie for the lovely card!

Everyone eat lots of turkey and remember to be thankful!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Party Girl!

This year, let us be thankful for friends, family, furs, and Jeanette making faces.

Let's be honest- if it weren't for Jeanette's funny faces, the world would have ended long ago. :)
(This AMAZING photo is from! Check it out!)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby, there's no other superstar...

NEWSFLASH! OMG, I have THE MOST compromising photo of Jeanette macking on a certain blonde male costar EVER! I think this is the most compelling evidence I've ever seen!
Just jump already!

Look at their faces all smashed together like they enjoy each other's company or something. And to think, all those "historians" out there would have you believe that they didn't even like each other, when we have this single set of pictures as our basis for ever daring to dream otherwise.
God, I'm obnoxious when I'm perturbed. :) ENJOY! Or, as Norma Shearer once screamed at Robert Taylor, "SQUIRM!"
I've obviously lost touch with that whole peaceful vibe I had going there for a while.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Diva Of Our Lives

Much speculation is made about the way Jeanette basically, well... puts her hands places on certain costars. Especially about a picture from the set of Smilin Through. Yeah, I know, we said no drama, but I really think I need to break down this picture into a diagram of sorts. Mostly I just wanted to circle things in red and act like I'm important. Shake down (1979) after the jump!

Oh yeah, they were doing it. Just ask the question at!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I learned something today!

Maybe this is old knowledge, and I'm just late on the boat here (that happens often), but in flipping through a book about The Wizard of Oz at Barnes & Noble this evening, I found out that Glinda's dress was actually created by Adrian for Jeanette in San Francisco. WHAT. WHAT. They basically took it and bedazzled the crap out of it, for Glinda. I feel that I fail at being me for not knowing that, because even though I'm a relatively new Jeanette fan I've been a huge Wizard of Oz fan pretty much my whole life.
Dress pictures after the jump!

Jeanette, San Francisco:

Glinda in the bedazzled dress:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Louise Morgan!

Because sometimes you just need one.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Jeanette MacDonald Blog!
I KNOW I've seen a photo somewhere of Jeanette and Gene in costume for a party of some sort, and I would gladly post if only I could find it... and of course, I can't. But I know it exists. I'm also pretty sure Kayla once told me that Jeanette used one of Norma Shearer's costumes from Marie Antoinette for Halloween once. That trumps basically any costume I could ever come up with.
Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yeah, that would be Jeanette & Gene & Judy. WHOA WHOA WHOA.
This photo was made known to us at the same time as the photo Kayla posted a few days ago of Jeanette & Judy & Kathryn Grayson & person we have now identified as Susannah Foster, which is also incredible. I really freaked out (in a good way) when I first saw these pictures and it got me thinking about why it is we get so excited when we find photos of our favorite people all hanging out together. Obviously, duh, because we're fangirls (and boys). But it's... it's kind of more than that. At least for me, it repeatedly blows my mind when I think about all these supremely talented people existing together. What did those conversations consist of? Like, what are Jeanette and Judy laughing about? (Probably something truly hilarious, since they were both very funny.) I guess we'll never know, but I sure am glad these pictures exist.
That's my food for thought for the day.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More random stuff from my old hard drive.

So this exists:

Notice how Howard is a.) sitting at her feet and b.) apparently fascinated by her every word.
The End. :)


I can't quite describe the noise I made at this picture. I's probably a squeal the likes of something only dogs can hear.
To hell with you, layout! To hell, I say!

I'm loving that Jeanette's smile is all perfect and naturally fancy, while Kathryn and Judy are all out without their MGM teeth. And really, it looks like Jeanette is the DD for some wicked mad amazingly talented party. I'm sure Awkwardine is pointing at Judy because it was all her idea slash she called them all at 2AM to come party with her.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jeanette MacDonald: Cowgirl.

Sometimes I'm driving home from a long stupid day at work and I think, "LOL, wouldn't it be funny if Jeanette was a country singer?"
Then I remembered this picture, which qualifies as:
a) a silly hat
b) possibly what Jeanette as a country singer would look like

I like to imagine it's a pink cowboy hat. Pink was homegirl's favorite color, so it would meet her approval.
Photo is thanks to Di.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stop Judging Meeee!

So... I made this video a long time ago. I was very young. It was Paris, in... you get it.
I just found it on my old hard drive, and since I'm a masochist, I've decided to share it. Since blogger is a meanie, I can't embed the video, so this is a link, that should promt you to open it in windows media player. Let the judgment cease now (especially from those of you who may recognize the music, hahaha)
Maytime FanVid

Oh Lord, I'm even judging myself.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I was away from the internet yesterday/last night when this was being discovered, but a few of Jeanette's costumes were auctioned on yesterday. Except... only one of them sold? The auctions are closed now, so Brigitta's omg!bad girl! dress still has no home. It could live in my home, but I doubt the seller accepts payment in Wizard of Oz Monopoly money, which is about all I have to offer. This lovely blue sequined dress from Sweethearts didn't sell either. Buuuut this pink San Francisco gown by Adrian went for $12,000 (NOT in Wizard of Oz Monopoly money).
After the jump is a video of ye olde San Francisco dress in action.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's been a while. We're busy girls, and sometimes blogging is hard.

Di recently sent us some fun photos, and I will post one now, because it's really cute (I use that word to describe Jeanette all the time. I need a new adjective!), and because my brain is so fried from work this week that translating thoughts into type is mighty difficult.
HOPEFULLY Blogger will let me upload an image today.

Why yes, yes, that is Jeanette wearing a tutu and sticking her little behind in the air. AND making a kissy face. (You can click to enlarge, if you so desire.)
Your day has just been made.
You're welcome.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess!

I was wanting to start a new feature focusing on Jeanette's many fun fashions, but then I realized that might be pointless since I comment on what she's wearing in just about everything we post here, anyway.
I found this picture on Corbis, and again, I don't know where or what it's from. All I know is Gene is wearing a top hat and Jeanette is wearing a Pretty Pretty Princess dress and jewelry, and that is good enough for me. I like to pretend they're going to the circus. I don't know why. There's another picture from this same evening where they're posing with Emmett Kelly the clown, but since I'm deathly afraid of clowns, I really don't like that picture and will not be posting it. But it exists.
...For some reason, Blogger doesn't want to let me add an image today. Thanks, Blogger. Much appreciated.
You can see the picture by clicking here. Take THAT, Blogger! Just try and ruin my post!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This is a Post.

Rose Marie was on TCM this afternoon! I was not aware of this fact until this morning while already at work, and thus, I ran home on my lunch break to set my DVR.
I'm sure that is extremely interesting to... everyone. Yes. Moving along.

My offering this evening is merely a photo. I know not where it comes from, as in, I know no details of it as I found it in this great amalgam of tubes we call The Internets. In keeping with what seems to be the theme of photos I post here, it's cute. With a capital Q. (I don't know what that meant, either. It just rolled off my tongue... er, fingers. It's been a long day. I think my job makes me a zombie.)
Cute-With-a-Capital-Q Photo is after the jump, because it's tall. Sooo click it!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Because it's cute.

"Pardon Me, Madame" from Rose Marie :o)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Greetings MacBloggers, I really must be getting to bed, but I just wanted to apologize in advance for my absence of the next few days--I'm going to visit my grandma for the weekend, and while Grandma is very savvy with the interwebs, she has yet to master the art of being wireless. I leave you in the obviously very capable hands of Miss Kayla, and with this photo, because as I've stated... I love Cairo.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jeanette MacDonald?

So, you know how back in the '60s there was that whole "Paul McCartney is dead" hoax?
Well, back in 1931, there was the "Jeanette MacDonald was mangled a car crash in Europe" hoax.
And that her sister, Blossom, took her place.
There was a book published, detailing this ordeal. With Jeanette's picture on the front. Aptly titled, "Jeanette MacDonald?" Jeanette MacDonald... question mark.
After the jump is a photo that illustrates why Blossom is my favorite MacSister. (Don't tell Elsie.)

This would be Nelson's "Oh sh-" face.

I have found what is now my favorite picture of Jeanette and Nelson OF ALL TIME. I mean, this even beats the whole series of boxing pictures, and if you know me and how I roll, you know that's saying something.
If you don't know me... um, this is tres importante.
Popcorn'll make ya JUMP! JUMP!

It's cool, I'm done reciting lines from 90's rap now.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday is Czaritza Day.

...Because I said so.

Many, many moons ago, I saw this clip of the Czaritza scene from Maytime way, way before I ever cared at all about Jeanette. (I KNOW, RIGHT?! I should jump off a bridge.) I was really upset about something or other--must not have been too terribly important because I can't recall it now--and Kayla started linking me to Jeanette clips on YouTube as a means of distracting me from whatever drama queen diva moment I was having. I remember seeing the last scene of I Married An Angel (all the crazy stuff that at one point involves Hula Brigitta), Springtide, and this. Czaritza. I was then shown a clip of Kathryn Grayson and Mario Lanza singing the same song--in English--from That Midnight Kiss. This song which, mind you, I have been trying to find the title of for the past 15 minutes with no luck. Everything I consult is calling it Czaritza. Which I know is the name of Marcia's opera, but not the name of THE SONG. Anyway, I remember being really taken with this Czaritza business when I first saw it, and especially enjoying Jeanette's hat... head-dress... thing. If I could feasibly pull this outfit together for Halloween, I would. It was over two years after first seeing that before I actually WATCHED Maytime. Needless to say, now it all makes a LOT more sense. And I heart it that much more.
Di sent us this lovely Czaritza photo, which I have been waiting for an excuse to post, so here it is! Click to make it full-size and gorgeous.

Videos after the jump! That's right, VIDEOS. PLURAL. Click it!

So, here we have the ORIGINAL OMG! Czaritza. The magical hat. Kayla wanted me to inform you that she likes to translate every word of this song as "My arms, they flail, to show you my love." There IS a lot of flailing going on here.

Annnnd in lieu of the Kathryn Grayson/Mario Lanza version in English from That Midnight Kiss (the clip on YouTube is Not Good Quality and picks up in the middle of the song, therefore marring its epicness), we present you with them flailing their arms, too, in Libiamo from Trrrraviata (we say that like the true Barrymores we are).

Kayla would also like everyone to know she is scanning a zillion Kathryn Grayson pictures, and will "brb in 10 years." It won't really be that long, but let us all wish her the best of luck in her scanning endeavors. (Just for clarification, I'm not being a terrible friend by not offering to help--we live in different states; otherwise, I'd be her scanning elf.)

Thoughts? Comments? Peanut gallery? What do YOU love about Czaritza? INQUIRING FANGIRLS WANT TO KNOW!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Idiocy, Care of Theraflu.


Thoughts By Theraflu.

We begin with a little conversation:
Kayla: hold on, i'm watching jeanette go batshit again.
Cara: i will always hold so jeanette can go batshit.
Kayla: I have to keep my priorities straight.

We could go back even further than... 10 minutes ago, to about 10 years ago, when my friend, Heather, and I stayed up until dawn, on the phone, transposing letters in peoples' names, and eventually me watching the following scene, while saying, "HOLD ON SHE'S GONNA FALL. OK SHE DID, WASN'T IT GREAT?!"
Of course, Heather couldn't see what I was seeing. But with this great thing called technology (in this age), YOU CAN SEE WHAT I SEE. (And hear what I hear, Bing Crosby.)

Thoughts! sponsored, in part, by Theraflu, after the jump.

Point of Braining 1.) Some crazed folks out there in the film-o-sphere spent years talking about how Jeanette was this crazy overacting diva. I'm not really sure how our girl got punted to the curb by "mainstream" classic film lovers, but she did, and that's a travesty. I dare anyone to watch that scene and tell me where she went over the top. And if you say, "Er, she was going batshit, I'm missing the point here," then shoo. Shoo fly, you don't get it. I know that there are people out there that will never "get" Jeanette, but at least give her a chance. Clearly, as shown by the Tosca scene alone, girlfriend could act, very very well. She knew what she was doing. Her eyes, in this scene, are just so... amazingly expressive. Just look at that very last part, before she collapses. She didn't need to move, didn't need to utter a word. Her eyes said it all. Yes, Virginia, Jeanette MacDonald was an amazing actress.

Point of Braining 2.) THE SCREAM. Really, need I say more? INTENSE. That mess rocked her entire wee body. And don't go spoiling my dream and give some scholarly explanation as to why that may not have actually been her screaming. La la la, tuning it out. even if it wasn't, she sure as hell made it look like it was.
Therefore, kudos, if you've predicted this line- Jeanette MacDonald was an amazing actress.

...I guess that's all. TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES.

Friday, September 18, 2009

"Are you under 50?"

It's Friday, and thus I find no better cause to post Jeanette's appearance on What's My Line.
As always I have to comment on homegirl's outfit--which I happen to find fabulous. Then again, I might be biased, because I approve of pretty much anything sparkly.
My favorite moment in this is, clearly, when Dorothy Kilgallen asks, "Are you under 50?" and Jeanette makes this hilariously unintelligible noise. (Even though she WAS under 50 at the time. Not by much, but still.)
Video is after the jump, and after you watch, comment and tell us--what's YOUR favorite moment? It's quiet around here! We want more discussion! You know Jeanette would be yakking up a STORM if she had internet access, so get crackalackin' and TALK!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This post was originally going to be about something else, but in checking to make sure I had my ducks in a row facts-wise, I stumbled upon a picture of Jeanette receiving a "degree of doctor of music" from Ithaca College in 1953. I would very much like to share this picture, but it is in a book and I am sadly not in possession of a scanner. But it is rather an amusing picture.
I will now be referring to her as Dr. Jeanette MacDonald.
That is all.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


How I feel right now can be summed up in this picture.

AKA Everything I'm looking at right now makes me sneeze.

This has been your daily dose of "Kayla Makes Sense."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Have a picture... again.

I have a confession.
I've never seen San Francisco.
Well, I guess it's not such a shocking confession considering, as I've said, I'm still getting my proper MacEducation, but regardless, it's true. I have not seen San Francisco. My local library has it on DVD. In fact, it is the only Jeanette movie they have, which is another non-shocker as there's not much of her available on DVD, but they don't have any on VHS either. Then again, who else even watches VHS tapes anymore besides... us? Right. So. Anyway. My offering this evening is a photo from San Francisco, thanks to Di from America's Singing Sweethearts. Picture is small since Blogger likes to cut off the sides of large photos, so click on the wee one to see it full size, and after you take a gander be sure to scroll down for Kayla's post discussing Busby Berkeley and Lady Gaga. It's basically genius.

I'm A Legend At This.

yo gaga, i'm happy for you and i'mma let you finish, but busby berkeley was pulling that back in '39.

I have come to the decision that anything involving Lady Gaga performing is our generation's version of Busby Berkeley. You have to stare at it for a while, sit for ten minutes and contemplate, possibly get drunk, watch it again, and THEN you understand.
Caution: OMGWTFBBQ AHOY. (That's intertubes speak for... this is nuts.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Q Man Loves Nobody.

Ohhh, Robert Q. You have such an amazing name. And one time, on your show, you announced that you'd be appearing at The Lake Club, in Springfield, IL, and I got all excited. Hope you made it there before the owner burned it down in an insurance fraud scam.
But what we really came for, of course, is... I dunno, some dame? Doll? Dish?

You know she just wanted to perfect the art of beating people with sacks of sweet valencia oranges. It doesn't leave a bruise, and let's 'em know who's boss.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This is Not a Hat.

I couldn't find a hat for today, but I did find a PRETTY.

Again, photo is thanks to Vonnie at America's Singing Sweethearts.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Since I got this picture, I have wondered what is going on. Mostly, I make up conversations. I also wonder if Jeanette just told them their first dirty joke, something like, "What happens when you cross a pig and a clown? A DIRTY JOKE!"

It was probably something extra amazing, like Jeanette just lost the game of jacks and announced "KITTENS FOR EVERYONE!" to divert the attention from her sad loss.

Crazy Hat of the Day!

This is a good one!

Jeanette. Jeanette Anna MacDonald Raymond. Why oh why did you wear a hat that looks like you've glued pom-poms to the side of your head?

Picture is thanks to Vonnie over at America's Singing Sweethearts :o)

Friday, September 11, 2009

...What's That, Philip Castanza?

In effort to establish my collection, I ordered The Films of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy from a few days ago. I'm aware that like everyone but me already owns this book, because it is a very wonderful book. (Also the cover is PINK and that's a selling point for me). It cost me ONE DOLLAR, which is phenomenal. Not that I think Jeanette is only worth one dollar, but I am not monetarily endowed (read: I'm poor as dirt), so I was pretty stoked about that bargain. Side note--I highly recommend to everyone. They have just about any book you ever want, great prices, and the sellers are very timely with shipping. Needless to say, I was pleased to come home from work today and find that my book had arrived. My grandma happened to be over and was really super impressed that a) I had received a book in the mail from the internet and, more so, b) that it cost me one dollar. More after the jump (I promise there is a point to all this...)

This is the portion of the post in which we play a game. The game goes like this: I'm going to type out a portion of Philip Castanza's plot synopsis for Three Daring Daughters, and you see if you can't figure out what's not right about it. Ready? Let's play!
Meanwhile, Louise, on ship-board, has fallen in love with Jose Iturbi. They marry and return happily to New York, where Louise finds her ex-husband ensconced and determined to re-wed her in order to make his daughters content. Louise's newfound happiness with Iturbi is at stake, and it takes her every feminine and motherly wile to convince her daughters to stay our of her life and convince her ex-husband to go back to being a foreign correspondent.

Figure it out yet? Well, time's up. The correct answer is THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE. Louise's husband doesn't actually come back! Ever! He's not determined to re-wed her! But super props to Philip Castanza for using the word "ensconced." That's a word you just don't hear enough.
And for clarification, I'm really not trying to knock this book--I just found that humorous, is all. Back to your regularly scheduled Friday night.

Now it's time for story time!

Another gem from The "Not Canadian Bacon" Jeanette MacDonald Story, during the filming of San Francisco
After the filming was completed, it was discovered that some scenes would have to be reshot. By this time, Gable had shaved off his moustache. The obstacle was overcome by the makeup department, which supplied him with a false one. Well and Good. Gable and Jeanette proceeded to the sound stage to reshoot a closeup that concludes with their kissing. They rehearsed the scene, each careful not to disturb the other's facial makeup. Then the actual take was made. When the scene was completed, VanDyke shouted, "Cut." The two stars broke from their embrace. Only then did Jeanette discover that part of Gable's moustache was attached to her face.

Just to solidify how amusing this is, I'd like to offer a horrible artist's rendition of this occurrence, after the jump.

I hope she kept it. And wore it to parties.
I almost wish I could edit in Judy Garland circa '49. Girlfriend liked to hand out 'stache cups.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Have a picture...

Because it's so pretty:

Also, hi to any of our new friends who may be visiting from America's Singing Sweethearts!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crazy Hat of the Day!

It's Wednesday, and what good would Wednesday be without this hat:

Shout out to Ray Bolger.

This Picture Is Not Average.

I had planned on posting this earlier in the evening, but then a bat got into my house. I know, you're riveted. You want to know more. You're dying to find out what happened.
Animal control will kill it, and I'll get another letter addressed to Kayla: BITE VICTIM.
Great story, right?
But on to bigger and better things which, duh, include the art form of photography. If you look up photography, in the dictionary (which is what we do here. we look things up in the dictionary. see sidebar for clue-in on inside joke), you will NOT find the following:
The art of using an old lightboard, a digital camera, and a tripod to take a picture of an 8x10 negative that no one will print for you because they're afraid the big bad scary MGM monster will eat their souls. Then using the invert filter on photoshop to create a positive image, which can be posted on the internets.
Silly photo labs. Don't they know that MGM's own soul has long been broken into tiny pieces, and is owned by several mega-corporations, whose home offices are approximately the size of Alaska?
Nothing to worry about, there.
You're still waiting for that picture, aren't you? Yeah, well... FINE.

I have wanted a real life copy of that picture since God wore short pants. The mere fact that I'm using the term "short pants" is possibly indicative of how old I am. Probably not, though.
Well, kids, if I knew you were coming, I'd have baked a cake. Since I didn't, and Greer Garson is obviously not going to show up for this party, go to bed.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Okay, okay, okay. I had a funny hat for today. I know I was lazy and didn't post one yesterday, but I had one for today... but I really want to post this instead, because it's possibly the cutest picture in the history of ever.

CUTEST?! CUTEST EVER?! I vote yes and yes.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello, boys and girls...

And now it's time for story... time.
This is from The Jeanette MacDonald Story, by James Robert Parish, and is hilarious to the max.
Jeanette and Gene Raymond were attending a special showing of Paris Underground, the 1945 spy melodrama produced by and starring chic Constance Bennett. At the party following the screening, Jeanette was in a devilish mood. She removed lemon peel from several glasses about her and arranged them on a plate to resemble a breast, complete with nipple. She then summoned a waiter and gave it to him to take to Miss Bennett with the message, "Tell Constance I think she can use this."

All I have to say is "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And picture for the sake of pictures after the jump...


"Where a Gas Station Looks Like the Taj Mahal...

...and a restaurant looks like a hat."

I had been wanting to watch Cairo for the past several days, and finally succumbed to that urge while in the process of massively cleaning my room last night. While I was taking things out of boxes and wondering just how I came to own so much stuff (eBay, Amazon...), I was also watching Jeanette and Ethel Waters tear it up in Waitin' for the Robert E. Lee (and rewinding the tape because I needed to watch it again) and making a list of things in my wee head. So, after the jump, I give you...
Five Reasons Why I Want to be Marcia Warren (And You Should, Too!)

1. WARDROBE. Seriously, Marcia Warren has some EXCELLENT clothing choices. As this is a VHS tape I sadly have no screencaps to provide.
2. Cleo is the best maid in the universe. If I ever had the opportunity to acquire a maid (I know no one has maids anymore, really, so this is a moot point), I would want her to be exactly like Cleo. In fact, if I could just resurrect Ethel Waters, that would be super. Really, I just want to be her BFF. And sing about towels.
3. Robert Young is really pretty cute.
4. She gets to up and decide to peace out on Beverly Hills and go hang out in Egypt for a while.
5. Obviously, this:

Watch the whole scene, or, skip to 3:20 for Ethel Waters being a rock star and be sure to watch through 4:45 for Jeanette's super adorable dance skills. Major kudos to the glorious human who posted this clip on YouTube. Thank you thank you thank you, human.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Be kind...

After years and years and years, I finally got a copy of the Playhouse 90 version of Charley's Aunt, with Art Carney and a whole slew of famous people. One of those being Jeanette, duh.
I want to know how I managed to get to this age without knowing that Gene was in it. I mean, was this fact simply glossed over in my childhood? I certainly don't think it's on the list of the many things I've managed to block out. You'd be surprised at the brain's power to keep you sane. You can honestly, and purposely, block out the most foolish things. And by foolish, I mean the things, not that the act is foolish. Then again, you'd also be surprised at how hilarious some of it seems, now. (I kind of like how threatening I am, to some people, lol...)
But, I'm afraid I've begun to wander again. I'm posting the last scene from Charley's Aunt because you MUST see how Jeanette delivers her immortal line, and her interaction with Gene. I will admit, I do think Gene was far more adept at comedy than he was drama, and these two are positively adorable together, in this. This is, possibly, my new favorite THEM thing, aside from their picnic with the goat in Smilin' Through. Which was epic. And there was a phantom hand. And because of Smilin' Through, this picture happened (from Eleanor Knowles Dugan's WONDERFUL book, The Films Of Jeanette MacDonald And Nelson Eddy):

Oh, Greer Garson, enough with the pretense. We all know you're only there to grab the cake and run like hell.
Video after the jump!

Here we have it, folks! Charley's Aunt, that CBS once threw in the dumpster. (Yes, CBS, I'm still bitter that you threw your archives away, and I was not there to save Lone Woman from the East River.)


Crazy Hat of the Day!

Crazy... crown of the day?

This is from Let's Go Native. Admittedly I have no idea what that is, but apparently this happens in it, which is enough for me.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Perfectly Acceptable Hat of the Day

This is a Perfectly Acceptable Hat.

Good job Jeanette!


This isn't so much a suggestion for the movie, but one for the publicity stills. I require MOAR. It's as if Jeanette and Nelson came to the conclusion that their team efforts were basically being murdered by this film, and decided to be absolute epicute goofballs in the publicity photos.
Exhibit A, from

It's like someone spilled a bottle of super glue on their arms and went, "Good Luck." Look at their faces. It's like the scene in New Moon where they just got married. Except here, he's squeezing the hell out of her, and she's threatening to kill him with her eyes, then stuff him into one of Gene's many top hats.
Love it.
MOAR! After the jump...

Exhibit B, from Amazing Town, USA, aka Corbis.

I love this whole series of photos, from when Jeanette and Nelson went to Camp Care-A-Lot for Jeanette's sensitivity training, AKA "How not to piss off your boss by sending in your lawyer to say that he's your personal confidante."
Jeanette got an F minus in this course.

More to come when it's not 12:30 AM and I don't have to be at work in 7.5 hours.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Crazy Hat of the Day!

There are no words for this.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I will admit that I, like Cara, love Three Daring Daughters for all the wrong reasons. Still, there's that one right reason that makes me feel validated, that makes me feel like Jeanette isn't perched on her fluffy cloud castle in the sky going, "God, you gave me so many nice fans, why'd you have to give me this one?"
There's seriously very little I wouldn't give to be Jane Powell in Springtide. I'm talking vital organs, here. Kidneys, livers... wait, I only have the one liver so maybe I'm not so serious about this giving vital organs thing.
Anyway, I LOVE Springtide. Back in the 1700's, when I was just a child and used the moniker "NelsonAnJeanette" on AOL, I somehow managed to rig a VCR through a stereo, into my computer's microphone jack JUST so I could have a recording of it to take with me everywhere. I can't even remember how I did it, I just know that it happened, and there were lots of cords.
Did I mention that I was not exactly popular with the other kids?
Not to mention, I place a hardcore WANT on Jeanette's robe thing. A.) It's gorgeous. B.) It doesn't have a padlock randomly hanging from the belt (which Jose Iturbi probably snuck in and stole the key to. Creeper.) C.) I could cut out the shoulder pads and tell people they were still there, pretending like I didn't have Joan Crawford shoulders that linebackers are envious of.
So yes. Springtide. I love it. You shall watch it now.

Put a little Binnie in your Barnes...

I'm sad.
I really, really, really wanted to post "A Twinkle In Your Eye" from I Married An Angel. It used to be on YouTube. Now it's not anymore. And I'm sad.
So this will have to suffice:

Binnie Barnes, guys. Binnie. Barnes.
First of all, her name is Binnie. BINNIE.
Second, she's... a goose. I say this with complete and total love and respect, don't get me wrong. It's just that the woman is, well, a goose. Watch her dance with Jeanette in "A Twinkle In Your Eye." There's a point when I don't think what they're doing is even choreography anymore, and Binnie's just flailing about (so is Jeanette, but she's not 8 feet tall so it's not quite the same) and it's grand. I HATE THAT I CAN'T FIND THIS CLIP ANYWHERE. I soooo wanted to share it with all, uh, two of you who read this.

Crazy Hat of the Day!

Forgive the weird (but cute) facial expression; I couldn't find a better photo and was too lazy to attempt a decent screencap.

From Three Daring Daughters:

I am truly on the fence about what exactly that... is. Is it a squirrel's tail? Is it human hair? More importantly, why is it so close to her mouth? She's singing! That mess could get stuck in diva's lip gloss!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Here at The Jeanette MacDonald Blog, we know that it's next to impossible to improve upon perfection. After all, that's why there's only one Jeanette. Only one Nelson. Only one Kathryn Grayson. Only one Judy Garland. Only one...
What was I saying?
Oh yes, we know it's next to impossible to improve upon perfection. Still, being the wise lasses (or wise asses, take your pick) we are, we can always accept that there's room for suggestion.
That being said, I'd like to introduce a feature to our humble blog, known henceforth as The Zador Report. In this series of blogs, which may or may not last longer than a week (it'll likely last until the end of time), we will make suggestions which might have made I Married An Angel even better than it already is. As I said, it may seem impossible, knowing IMAA as the absolute beast of perfection that it is. Still we're committed to giving it our all!
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Yes, MGM, it did shatter every past precedent of the movie musical. I'll refrain from using colorful terminology (and not the GE FM kind) to describe HOW it was shattered, so we'll just go on.

Cut out the quintuplets line. I'm sure I'm not the only person who yelled at the screen, "UM, SIR, PLEASE CONSULT THE BABY MAKING GUIDEBOOK BEFORE COMMITTING TO SUCH THINGS."
You see, he wasn't exactly marrying Kate Smith, for the love of God. Take a look at Anna's frame. Wee. Tiny. NOT GONNA HOLD 5 BABIES.
One idea would be for Willie to say, "WE'RE GONNA ADOPT KIDS LIKE THEY'RE POKEMON! GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!"

This concludes your first Zador Report. I never said it was going to be funny.

You ARE serious business, Mrs. Morgan.

I need to talk about Three Daring Daughters.
Specifically, how I can't stop watching it.
More specifically, how Jose Iturbi would be a total Facebook stalker, if this movie took place in present times. It's the truth.
You know how you have that one friend who has that one guy that ALWAYS comments on her status, and it's kind of creepy? Yeah. Louise Morgan is your friend, and Jose Iturbi is that guy.
There really is no good reason why I'm completely obsessed with this movie. It's a good little movie, but there's nothing spectacularly out of the ordinary about it. It's more predictable than an episode of Grey's Anatomy (and this is coming from someone who really loves Grey's Anatomy). It's cornier than... well, an episode of Grey's Anatomy. But it's also funny. And adorable. Adorableness is a big factor. And Angela Lansbury's mom is in it. What more can you ask for?
Now, I'm a relatively new Jeanette fan. I'm still watching things for the first time and getting my proper MacEducation, but I do have to say I've had a bit of a crash course--as in, I recently watched five new-to-me movies in the span of two days (six if you count Bittersweet... which is debatable...), so I'm getting up to speed rather quick-like. The first Jeanette movie I latched onto was Cairo. CAIRO, OF ALL MOVIES. Kayla showed it to me and the first thing I did when I got home was go onto Amazon and find the VHS. Lucky for me, this time when I decided I needed Three Daring Daughters more than a fat kid needs cake, she happened to have an extra copy and generously donated it to the "Cara is poor" fund. Which is why I've been able to watch it the past two nights (the lack of a working television in my room leaves me to watch DVDs on my laptop), and come to the conclusion... well, many conclusions... but mostly, the conclusion that Jose Iturbi is a Facebook stalker. He just does not give up. Sure, Louise eventually gives in, but before that he's staring at her all creepy-like from across the ballroom, coming into her room uninvited, asking Angela Lansbury's mom about her, and stalking her to find out it's her birthday. If he had Facebook, he would know when her birthday was, because it would remind him. And he could send one of those goofy little gifts. And he so would. Because he's that guy. To illustrate this, Kayla used her Photoshop skills to create this gem:

But on another note--can we talk about Jeanette's wardrobe in this movie? Because it needs to be talked about. Some of it is really, really pretty. The brown dress with the little sparkles? LOVELY. A++. The blue dress with the awkward hang-down belt thingy? Great color. Maybe lose the belt, though. But then... then, there is the Orange Dress. Let's examine.

The Dress by itself is actually quite pretty--I might change the color, seeing as how I'm of the firm belief that redheads should not wear tangerine orange, but other than that, it's very pretty. Except, there's the flower.

If it can even still be called that. It's bigger than her head. It's almost bigger than that lamp. It's an entire hibiscus plant... pinned to her dress. I know it takes place on a cruise and there's water and it's summer and all that, but that really doesn't excuse wearing a flower bigger than your head. It just doesn't. And if that wasn't enough, she next shows up wearing a drapey flowy white thing with--you guessed it--another giant flower.

For some reason, this one is much less offensive. I don't know why, but when I look at it it doesn't make me want to be like "JEANETTE PLEASE TAKE THAT OFF BEFORE IT EATS YOUR NOSE." (Because flowers eat noses. Shh.) The White Dress is worn while Jose the Facebook Stalker proposes to her. Yes, PROPOSES. To a woman he HARDLY KNOWS. And for some ungodly reason, Louise accepts, in the greatest way possible. Instead of saying yes like a normal human, she blows out the candle on her wee little birthday cake. And that is her answer. End scene.
I'm going to stop talking now, because I don't want to spoil this lovely little movie for the masses. In summation, watch it if you haven't, and if you have, watch it again and this time picture Jose Iturbi trolling Louise Morgan's Facebook profile. Laugh. Repeat.

Buy Things And Be Happy.

I have to give credit to the brilliant ad men of days gone by, as their stuff is still working on me. Kathryn Grayson goes for Sunbeam. Lucille Ball says RC tastes best. Jeanette MacDonald + GE = Acid Trip.
Wait, what?

I can honestly say that I've never been able to hear purple before. I thought I heard blue once, but that turned out to be a side effect of some medication I was taking, which also made me hallucinate a conversation with Ann Miller, but that's beside the point.
I can't say that I've been able to find anyone who heard this broadcast, but I'd be willing to bet I know how it sounded. Now, turn on a recording of The Waltz Song from Romeo Et Juliette, and replace the words with these: "Blue, blue, gree-ee-een, or-ah-ange; Red, red, fu-u-uschia-ah-ah!"
Jeanette MacDonald FM. You can HEAR the colors.
Perhaps that's what's worng with my brain. Due to listening to Jeanette with my FM transmitter all these years, I've been on a 5 year long acid trip.

Crazy Hat of the Day!

I felt that the first ever Crazy Hat of the Day! should be something special... something memorable... something I can find a picture of really quickly before I go to work (and will likely be late anyway). So, ladies and budapests, I give you...

The Czaritza hat from Maytime!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Noel Coward's Favorite movie EVER!

I have a few thoughts on Bittersweet. Nevermind, I only have one thought about Bittersweet, and it can be summed up in Jeanette's face, in this picture:

OMG Spoilers ahoy!

The first time I saw this movie, I wept. I used half a box of kleenex. I know many of you are thinking to yourselves, "Wow, hate to think of how she reacted to Maytime," but I cried for very different reasons, here.
I mean, if I were anyone working on that picture, I'd probably be thinking of any way to cut down on the time, too, but come on. We could have spared some expense by not making Jeanette into a giant wedding cake, at the end, and maybe let Nelson look like he had a chance. Jeanette and everyone else present in the sword fight scene deserve honorary oscars for getting through watching that without laughing. I just feel like it needs someone yelling, "It's only a flesh wound." It's got to be a comedy sequence.
But it's not.
And I cried.

Not goin' home 'till judgment day!


Well, as any person with the intelligence of of parakeet will tell you, this is not Jeanette MacDonald. She's dead. We all cried. Well, if we were born, we would have cried.
This blog is run by two happenin' senoritas from the Midwest, and no, not the ones you're thinking of slash the ones who we think are possibly the coolest people ever. We know that Jeanette already has quite the presence on these vast tubes of the internets, but really. Really. There can never be enough Jeanette Anna MacDonald. We're hoping to fill these pages with lots of pictures and fun things, along with random commentary which will, perhaps, make Jeanette seem like the fun lady she WAS, and hopefully help some people entertain the notion that she was NOT a stiff, unfeeling diva whose movies come across just about the same.
That, friends, is a monstrous falsehood.

Here's the deal. No controversy. No snide comments. We WILL delete anything we feel like deleting because it's our site and we can run it as we see fit. Jeanette would have deleted whatever she wanted, and you know it. If you disagree, that's totally cool. All we want to do is give people the opportunity to laugh at the Jeanette who was not always serious business (and didn't even want to be serious business, in Three Daring Daughters). I mean, we're talking about the woman who had some dudes haul her on to the set in a dog house when she angered Woody Van Dyke. She punk'd Jane Powell like nine times when Jane was trying to film a crying scene. She was hilarious, and we intend to bring THAT to light.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we give to you the not so serious business but VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS Jeanette MacDonald blog.
Let us begin with a story.