Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm sorry?

I can't hear anything over the sound of how awesome this picture is. What are you doing, Jeanette Anna? Dictation? I always knew you were a little thrifty, but I think this is illegal labor.

How Utterly Engaging!

See what I did there? I used the word engaging in a fragment. (It is not a sentence.) In honor of this, I shall share with you Jeanette and Gene's official engagement picture, which I bought from ebay after having been up for about 13 seconds. The only downside to the picture is that it has a stamp on the back that says deceased, which we all know isn't true.* They must be talking about the floral arrangement, in the background.
HOW WERE THEY SO PERFECT. Like, it's almost unfair how perfect Jeanette and Gene were. I'm not just talking about together (which, duh, they were perfect together), but IN ALL OF THE WAYS. It's like they're gazing into each other's eyes, saying, "You're from the circus and I love you." and "You once fell into a bass drum and embarrassed yourself and your family. I love you."
NOT TO MENTION, look at that ring. He's not holding just her hand. He's holding her hand UP because she doesn't have the power to do it herself.
Ugh, these two have ruined me, for love. I don't even understand how to tell someone I have a distinct interest in them, if I haven't been whistled at. Sometimes I cry because nothing I have will ever be this amazing, mostly because I have a very definite future in being a cat lady, but I digress.

*Shh, don't tell me things I don't want to hear. NO ONE DIES, THEY JUST GO TO FANTASY ISLAND, OKAY?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I will never sleep again.

I need some adorableness to relieve me of the pants-crappingly terrifying nightmare fuel that IS that last post, so here we are.
(Artist's rendition of my current state.)

And then there's JESUS WHAT IS THAT


Praise Jayzis!

Thanks to my favorite of all the readers, we will now have a moment of silent reflection as we gaze upon this picture, imagining what I believe to be the truest caption for this picture could ever be.
"If you don't eat that pie in 5 seconds, it's mine."

Friday, February 22, 2013

I love dis bis.

There is nothing not totally perfect about the way Jeanette delivers that iconic line.


OK, so after all these years (14, to be exact), I've never seen this picture in high resolution. I've only seen small, grainy copies of it. But you know, until today, I never realized how completely closed mouth and blah this kiss is. (Click the picture to see it larger.)
We've all been led to believe that this was some great act of passion from one lover to another. Dudes, dudettes, how am I missing that? Because this looks like the kiss that Jeanette planted on Jimmy Stewart, in Rose Marie. And they were playing siblings, you know. Just food for thought, there.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

You're being led to slaughter.

Alright, I will admit that my title is a little harsh. You're not actually going to be slaughtered, but I think there are some things you should know about Sandy Reiss, supposed MGM in-man, PR guru, sports writer, athlete, and all around renaissance man who outed Jeanette and Nelson.

As far as I can tell, guys, this man never existed. Here are a few facts that I lifted from the only website he can be found on,
Sandy swam the English Channel in 17 1/2 hours.
FALSE. There is no record of anyone by that name ever having completed the task.
He was the first US journalist allowed into Red China, in 1968.
FALSE. The first journalists allowed in came in the early 1960's. There is no record, that I can find, of any names of said journalists.
Sandy had his own sports TV show.
PROBABLY FALSE. With nearly every possible thing you could imagine listed, including shows that have been lost for generations, IMDB has no listing for a Sandy Reiss.

All I'm going to say is this: At the end of the day, who would you rather believe? Jeanette who, in her own words, described her love for Gene Raymond, or a man who may be a publicity stunt, himself? I implore you to do your own research. If you find that anything I've said isn't true, please let me know. I get so mad at people for just going along with the herd. You don't have to believe me. You don't have to believe anything that I know from all the research I've done and the people I've asked (including Jeanette's friend and "little sister," Kathryn Grayson). Please, though, do your own research. Don't hide behind a person who says it's true because she said so. If, through your research, you find that you still believe that there's enough evidence to support a Jeanette and Nelson affair, so be it. But don't trust what you see on the screen. That's fairy dust. If what we saw on the screen was true to life, there would be a million little Loy-Powells running around, little Astor-Bogarts, little Grayson-Lanzas, little Day-Hudsons (and we damn well know that's not the case.) I beg of you to read everything you can about Jeanette. Don't stop at one, just because you like it better that way. Sometimes, the truth hurts. Maybe, someday, there will be an ultimate truth that hurts me. I don't know. What I do know is that I've done my homework, and I've come to one conclusion. Jeanette MacDonald loved Gene Raymond with all of her heart.

I know, I know, tl;dr. Here's a picture.
(Gene, Jeanette, and the infamous J.A.R. bag.)

S'Long, Gambling Money.

Raise your hand if you just spent your lottery winnings on pictures of Jeanette Anna. Just me, then? I took absolutely no one's advice. I first bought another ticket, which I was told by a coworker not to do, and won another $4. Then, I spent $37.50 on a lot of 20 Jeanette pictures. BUT REALLY, IT'S ALL FREE, SO WHATEVER. Here's a preview of what I'm getting, and what YOU will be seeing all hi res and shiz, in the next few weeks.
Aren't you just so excited you could pee?! Oh, just me again, then?

On to more important things...

Like this picture that I got in the mail, today! Don't they look like they want to tear each other's eyes out?! And by that, I mean tearing... other things... and jokes I can't make myself make about Jeanette Anna and Gene. Because that's weird. Nope, too late, already popped up in my mind. We'll save it for after the jump, for those viewers with a more modest sense of humor.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thing I Don't Understand #342

OK, I've decided to tread this topic because I have a genuine curiosity for other people's opinions. I don't particularly care for them, but I have to know a little bit about why I'm not seeing what apparently 70% of people are seeing.
Where is this baby bump you speak of? It's supposed to be in the Pretty As A Picture scene, but for the life of me... Let's just cut to the chase. The HELL are you talking about?
Further musings, after the jump.

The Lottery (Bride)

As I've said before, I'm certifiably insane. In conjunction with my crazy, I've been playing Jeanette's birthday as my numbers for the "My 3" lotto we have here, in Illinois, for the past few days. Yesterday, I won $4. I reinvested, and today, though I thought I won $100, I won $40. Still! Pretty good return on a dollar investment! All thanks to Jeanette Anna MacDonald Raymond. And if it's wrong to spend my gambling money on Jeanette, I don't want to be right. After all, I spent most of my monthly allotment of "hookers and blow," er, spending money on Greer Garson, so...

Before the picture, just imagine Jeanette questioning what "hookers and blow money" means. Because that's just precious.

(Binnie Barnes demonstrates the dance I did, after realizing I won the lottery.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ebay, I hate you.

Um, so, if any of you readers just outbid me on that picture of Jeanette and Gene looking at a racing form, I kind of hate you right now. OK, I don't hate you at all. You're probably a really cool person, actually. I mean, you'd have to be, if you want pictures of Jeanette and Gene. But still. You made me cry and that's not OK. (I'm also really crazy, so just bear with me, here.)
Please share. I would share with you! Hell, I'd even make myself a copy and send you the original! I just want pretties. :(
Ebay is a real soul crusher, you know? There should be other ways of getting high resolution pictures of Jeanette. Oh wait, there is. It's called me. And I lost that picture. So now everyone suffers.
Here's a picture I did win, though, and a couple more that I got from an awesome guy named Jim, after the jump.

The Website Is Ded.

You may or may not have known that I had a Jeanette MacDonald website for a year. Due to some unfortunate monetary circumstances, I had to close it. The most popular feature, of course, was the photo album (because none of you honestly care what I have to say). As a temporary fix, I've opened up The Official (Until It Can Be Proven That I Can't Call It That) Jeanette MacDonald Photobucket. It's not going to work forever, since, as I said before, I have a problem and can't stop buying pictures. Which is probably why I'm broke, but whatever. It's a double edged sword. I want to have pretty things to share! But now I have no way to share them. :( So, anyway, here's the link to the Candids album, which I'll be adding more to, throughout the evening: Candid Pictures of Jeanette MacDonald. To tide you over, in case you can't make it long enough to travel that far on the interwebs, here's a cute pic, and a couple more after the jump.


I want to call all 13 of the members and tell you I love you for sticking around, but alas, I don't know any of you well enough to have your digits. So, this picture will have to suffice. 13 was Jeanette's lucky number. Mine is 618. (For more than just the obvious reasons) What's yours?

Monday, February 18, 2013

I have a problem.

So, I own 83 pictures of Jeanette Anna MacDonald Raymond. I am compelled to buy them. I can't help the fact that she's just freaking adorable. That's not my fault. So, in all reality, I'm just enabling her to be cute, which is what we all want, right?

Well, it's been three years, but...

I've decided to dust off The Official (until someone proves to me that I can't call it that) Jeanette MacDonald Blog. This is still Kayla, still loving to punk people, so don't be all up in arms if I make a reference about Gene, and you're all, "BUT JEANETTE LESS THAN THREE'D NELSON." (less than three = <3 p="">I'mma just give this to you straight, as a refresher course in my attitude. I don't care. As long as you don't mosey on up to the JAMBlog and talk smack about Gene for any other reason than why I have (socks with sandals? Jesus, Raymond), we're cool. As long as you don't pull a complete "throw Nelson under the bus" by making unprovable statements about him, too, we're cool. Basically, I don't want to hear that either blonde actor was gay. End of story. I will probably steal your dog from you, if you say it. LET US LIVE IN HARMONIOUS INDIFFERENCE, UNDER ONE ROOF, BUT TWO CEILINGS. Check that ref, broseph. Nelson, so wise. So very, very wise. (Except I tend to handle problems with graphics that convince cray cray people that Jeanette kisses Nelson on train cars. LOL dolts. That was Gene.)
Why am I bringing this up? Eh, because I can. And like... youtube is a cesspool of misinformation that makes me mad, so I'm taking it out on the blog. Face it, the closest thing to trufax on youtube is The Jeanette MacDonald Story by Alice Teeple.
I'm here to set the record straight that no one should give a wet fart about Jeanette's love life, and for Christ's sake, remember that she was hilarious. Also, I have two pictures where she might even be higher than groceries. Think that one over. Please, for the sake of all things pink and fluffy, let's not make Jeanette such a stuffed shirt that no one cares about her. BECAUSE THAT'S A THING. God, I hate us. No, I take that back. I don't hate us. We're just a really dysfunctional fan family that either goes to church every Sunday (JMIFC), goes to church only on Holidays (MacEddy), or says "SCREW THIS I'M MAKING MY OWN CHURCH AND I WORSHIP MEN IN HAWAIIAN SHIRTS" (me). This is why we can't have nice things.
And it's why I really don't understand why people fight with me over Gene pictures on ebay. I mean, do any of you even care? I'm not saying this snidely (whiplash), I just really want to know. Aren't I like... the only Gene Raymond fangirl?