Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yeah, that would be Jeanette & Gene & Judy. WHOA WHOA WHOA.
This photo was made known to us at the same time as the photo Kayla posted a few days ago of Jeanette & Judy & Kathryn Grayson & person we have now identified as Susannah Foster, which is also incredible. I really freaked out (in a good way) when I first saw these pictures and it got me thinking about why it is we get so excited when we find photos of our favorite people all hanging out together. Obviously, duh, because we're fangirls (and boys). But it's... it's kind of more than that. At least for me, it repeatedly blows my mind when I think about all these supremely talented people existing together. What did those conversations consist of? Like, what are Jeanette and Judy laughing about? (Probably something truly hilarious, since they were both very funny.) I guess we'll never know, but I sure am glad these pictures exist.
That's my food for thought for the day.


  1. Looks like Jeanette is showing Gene the viral video Judy pulled up on her stone age blackberry.

  2. No, no, Judy and Jen were cackling over the Kama Sutra someone just put together featuring illustrations of Metro Folk in caricature form...and Gene moseyed over and says, "Hello, girls! What goes on?" And Jeanette does a 180 on her current thought process and goes "Oooooooooh, HELLO! Nothing, nothing, we were just---uh---talking about -uh- the -uh- chicken!" And Judy looks at her like she's lost it for a minute and then goes "OH! RIGHT! The new -uh- chicken at the ....commissary!" And Gene is satisfied and meanders off and Judy looks at Jeanette and goes "Where the hell did you get CHICKEN?"

    .......And that's what just happened in my head.

  3. Great pictures. In the original photo released at the time (1941), Deanna Durbin also appears. I'll see if I can locate the exact date of the photo and what the award was that was being presented to the group of talented screen songstresses.

  4. In the original photo released at the time (1941), Deanna Durbin also appears. the 5 ladies (Jeanette, Deanna, Judy, Kathryn and Susanna) were receiving an award releated to music in films. I'll try to locate the exact date and reason. It may have been Etude Magazine but not sure.