Tuesday, August 17, 2010

jealousy, you constantly torture me!

I'm gon' print some pictures, evv'rbody's gon' be jellis! (What? No one else watches 30 Rock?)

PARDON MY UGLY FACE. Now you just know who to watch out for, on the street. This crazy b might just accost you and be like, "I WILL HAVE ALL THE JEANETTE THINGS!" Not really, I'll just be pretending I'm a Velociraptor at your local pharmacy.


  1. ...wait.
    you mean you're not really a velociraptor?
    i feel gypped.

  2. Give me a few weeks to grow my raptor claws back out.

  3. that's only my favorite picture of her in the history of ever.

    wait.....i have a lot of those.

    she just has the best giggleface. she makes great faces. also, she'd be presh with the gaga hair bow.

  4. she can borrow mine any time she wants!