Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How Utterly Engaging!

See what I did there? I used the word engaging in a fragment. (It is not a sentence.) In honor of this, I shall share with you Jeanette and Gene's official engagement picture, which I bought from ebay after having been up for about 13 seconds. The only downside to the picture is that it has a stamp on the back that says deceased, which we all know isn't true.* They must be talking about the floral arrangement, in the background.
HOW WERE THEY SO PERFECT. Like, it's almost unfair how perfect Jeanette and Gene were. I'm not just talking about together (which, duh, they were perfect together), but IN ALL OF THE WAYS. It's like they're gazing into each other's eyes, saying, "You're from the circus and I love you." and "You once fell into a bass drum and embarrassed yourself and your family. I love you."
NOT TO MENTION, look at that ring. He's not holding just her hand. He's holding her hand UP because she doesn't have the power to do it herself.
Ugh, these two have ruined me, for love. I don't even understand how to tell someone I have a distinct interest in them, if I haven't been whistled at. Sometimes I cry because nothing I have will ever be this amazing, mostly because I have a very definite future in being a cat lady, but I digress.

*Shh, don't tell me things I don't want to hear. NO ONE DIES, THEY JUST GO TO FANTASY ISLAND, OKAY?

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