Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thing I Don't Understand #342

OK, I've decided to tread this topic because I have a genuine curiosity for other people's opinions. I don't particularly care for them, but I have to know a little bit about why I'm not seeing what apparently 70% of people are seeing.
Where is this baby bump you speak of? It's supposed to be in the Pretty As A Picture scene, but for the life of me... Let's just cut to the chase. The HELL are you talking about?
Further musings, after the jump.
I just... what is it that I'm missing? I see an extraordinarily small human being, standing at a really awkward angle, wearing a dress that clings to the paltry excuse for curves that God gave to Jeanette Anna MacDonald. Is it her chest, that we're talking about? Yeah, that's more prominent, than usual, but this dress also comes with a formed chest, meaning that Adrian gave Jeanette Anna MacDonald what God did not- boobs. Those aren't just her girls hangin' there. Adrian loved giving girls a chest- even girls who most definitely didn't need it, like Kathryn Grayson (who purposely ruined the "additions" on a dress like 3 times because she hated it.)
I'm going to give a couple of people credit. They did have the... I guess you'd call it decency to ask me if the Sweethearts baby belonged to Nelson or Gene. This did all happen around the time that Jeanette was mysteriously ill, and Hedda Hopper hinted that she was pregnant. In all honesty, I can't say that she never was pregnant. I just don't see how this scene is flat out proof that she was, and it certainly doesn't show anyone that the baby, if there was one, was Nelson's. I know, I know, there are two books that detail the whole sordid affair, and I've read both of them- I even owned both of them, at one time. (I sold Farewell To Dreams because I wanted a Victoria's Secret bra. God also did not grant me boobs. And there's your tmi story from Kayla, for the day.) I even have a HILARIOUS story about when I sold Farewell To Dreams, and the uproar it caused! Wait, I've lost my train of thought.
Anyway, back to this make believe baby, which we're going to call Mortimer. Wouldn't you feel like a royal shit, if you found out that Mortimer was real, and he did belong to Gene, and he was Jeanette's last hope at having children? In the same turn, I'd probably feel like a royal shit, if through some unpredictable happening of the cosmos, Jeanette Anna appeared to me, in a vision of ethereal pink fluffiness, and told me that Mortimer was real and was Nelson's baby. I simply don't see how Sweethearts is proof that Mortimer was real. So I'mma just keep making jokes about make believe butt babies because this is just not solid evidence, people.

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