Thursday, February 21, 2013

You're being led to slaughter.

Alright, I will admit that my title is a little harsh. You're not actually going to be slaughtered, but I think there are some things you should know about Sandy Reiss, supposed MGM in-man, PR guru, sports writer, athlete, and all around renaissance man who outed Jeanette and Nelson.

As far as I can tell, guys, this man never existed. Here are a few facts that I lifted from the only website he can be found on,
Sandy swam the English Channel in 17 1/2 hours.
FALSE. There is no record of anyone by that name ever having completed the task.
He was the first US journalist allowed into Red China, in 1968.
FALSE. The first journalists allowed in came in the early 1960's. There is no record, that I can find, of any names of said journalists.
Sandy had his own sports TV show.
PROBABLY FALSE. With nearly every possible thing you could imagine listed, including shows that have been lost for generations, IMDB has no listing for a Sandy Reiss.

All I'm going to say is this: At the end of the day, who would you rather believe? Jeanette who, in her own words, described her love for Gene Raymond, or a man who may be a publicity stunt, himself? I implore you to do your own research. If you find that anything I've said isn't true, please let me know. I get so mad at people for just going along with the herd. You don't have to believe me. You don't have to believe anything that I know from all the research I've done and the people I've asked (including Jeanette's friend and "little sister," Kathryn Grayson). Please, though, do your own research. Don't hide behind a person who says it's true because she said so. If, through your research, you find that you still believe that there's enough evidence to support a Jeanette and Nelson affair, so be it. But don't trust what you see on the screen. That's fairy dust. If what we saw on the screen was true to life, there would be a million little Loy-Powells running around, little Astor-Bogarts, little Grayson-Lanzas, little Day-Hudsons (and we damn well know that's not the case.) I beg of you to read everything you can about Jeanette. Don't stop at one, just because you like it better that way. Sometimes, the truth hurts. Maybe, someday, there will be an ultimate truth that hurts me. I don't know. What I do know is that I've done my homework, and I've come to one conclusion. Jeanette MacDonald loved Gene Raymond with all of her heart.

I know, I know, tl;dr. Here's a picture.
(Gene, Jeanette, and the infamous J.A.R. bag.)

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