Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day = Made.

Quoth the moi: "I gotta blog about this."
I... I just found Jeanelson fic online. People make up stories about Jeanette and Nelson (like this is anything new... /snark) and publish them online. This is like when I discovered that people devote a massive amount of time to Perry Mason fan fiction, only it makes that look normal. This is actually like that time I found that someone wrote a love story about Christine Ebersole (who is a saint and you should know of her) and Patti LuPone. I mean, I am scarred. OK, it's actually nothing like either of those things. I am just laughing my TAIL FEATHER OFF! I wish I could read it to you. I wish I could show you this magic. The best part of the whole thing? Someone using the name Blossom Rock wrote it. I am in HEAVEN right now, because, I mean, does this not prove that I am dealing with a bunch of nutballs, here? Like, I wear Kiss Me Kate tribute makeup and tell people my name is Hermione Gingold, and THIS MAKES ME LOOK NORMAL. I HAVE PURPLE HAIR RIGHT NOW, AND I AM THE NORMAL ONE.
I am just at a loss for words, here. I keep putting my fingers on the keyboard, to type, and nothing is coming out. Like... I will admit that I have dabbled in the realm of the fiction of the fan. Never, NEVER, though, is it kosher to write RPF (Real People Fic). THIS is what I am dealing with. THIS is why we can't have nice Jeanette and Nelson things on this blog, because I'm afraid that someone will come along, see a picture I posted, and I'll be partially responsible for this... this lunatic, obscene crap that is on the internet. But, then again, THIS is why I CAN and WILL call this The Official Jeanette MacDonald Blog, because if someone can pose as Blossom, WHO IS DEAD, and write drivel for the masses, I CAN DAMN WELL BE OFFICIAL.
You know what? Poop on it. Here's a Jeanelson.
Jeanette: "Bye now!"
(Now, THAT is some good RPF. Mmmm mmmmm!)

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