Monday, March 25, 2013

I just want to *petpet* her wee head.

Look at this. LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. You have one job, and it is to look at this fabulosity. See, I'm being very generous in sharing the hi-res of this because, as you know, I have a phobia of inciting bad fanfiction. I wonder what the technical term for that would be...

1.) Lookit her wearing her necklace from Gene! I love that mess of pearls to bits. When I get rich and famous (never), I'm going to have a copy made. It's not like I don't have 15 dozen pictures of her wearing it, for a jeweler to go off of.
2.) I want to play connect the dots and draw a tiny giraffe on Nelson's shirt.
3.) To quote Gracie Allen, in Honolulu, "My dog has fleas..."
4.) That ukelele looks like mine, by which I mean someone who acts like she's 5, sometimes, found it on the floor, in a non tuned state, and told someone else to take a picture of her being 5, with her BFF Nelson, who is 7.
5.) Imaging the line, "Let's all sing the hits from Let's Go Native. Hold on, my hair isn't puffy enough."

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