Saturday, March 2, 2013

Doctor Who?

Look at what handsome blonde actor has his arm around his own wife, and not Jeanette MacDonald.

Yep, guys, that's that evil ol' Ann Eddy, just there to steal everyone's soul. #endintensesnark
She's actually quite pretty. You don't realize it from that singular picture everyone has seen of her.

Here's another thing I don't understand. I actually "stole" this picture from one of the many groups I've been kicked out of for actually understanding Jeanette had a sense of humor about her, or for defending her for choices she made that had to do with her dead father and her wedding. Why do people try to hide these types of pictures? Wouldn't you WANT the world to see this picture, if you were on the (insert stupidest term for a group of fans ever) "saint" side? What is everyone's problem with sharing pictures? I mean, the Golden Comet used to come out with take-away photographs of Jeanette. WHEN DID WE STOP KNOWING HOW TO SHARE?! What, are we like... five? JEANETTE ANNA MACDONALD REFUSES TO BE TREATED LIKE YOUR UN-SHARABLE LEGOS. I'm the doctor. I have come to fix this problem.

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