Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We're listed!

The Official Until They Prove I Can't Call It That Jeanette MacDonald Blog has been accepted and listed by the Classic Movie Hub Blog Hub! In honor of this, and because I'm crazy, I'm going to repost my favorite thing that's ever happened in my time as a Jeanette fan. No, not the time I got stuck on a retaining wall across the street from Twin Gables. And no, not the time I arranged for Kathryn Grayson to speak at the Nelson Eddy Drive event (you're all welcome). Not even the time that my two friends acted as lookouts, so I could pay my respects to Jeanette and Gene, close up. Drum roll, please...

You betcha! It's that time I had a bunch of people believing that this was Nelson Eddy, all because I only described him as a blonde actor. Who is that handsome devil that Jeanette is sucking face with? Oh, it's that soul crushin' ol' Gene Raymond, all crushing her soul. Or her tonsils. Or, you know... Stuff. IDK.


  1. Welcome aboard, from "Carole & Co." (which is to Lombard as you are to Ms. MacDonald, though we have a few years head start on you)!

    1. Thanks bunches! I'm sure my blog pales in comparison to most out there, since I tend to just babble about things I've found on the internet, but you know... there's gotta be some Jeanette news!