Thursday, March 21, 2013

Risë Stevens

Pretty sure I accidentally killed poor Risë. You see, I have this recurring dream where... well, I'm not going to go into it, but I predict death. And Risë was in one of those dreams, last night. I know, I know, she died yesterday, but we didn't know until today.
It's this thing I have. I can't help it or control it.
I want to do a proper Jeanette related tribute to her, because I honestly feel like crap for accidentally killing her with my last blog post and because she was a really hardcore lady. I can't find any quotes Jeanette said about her, at the moment, but a very good friend of mine and the blog's, Paul, provided me with a quote from an audio interview he did with Risë, in NYC, in 2002. This is some of what she had to say about Jeanette, who she spent a good deal of time with, in Hollywood, during the time when she was making films.
"Jeanette was the most unaffected star I ever met in Hollywood. She had her priorities straight and they didn't involve the trappings of stardom. She was so rooted in reality and in her marriage which she claimed was her greatest accomplishment in life. Not her concert record or film success but succeeding in having a happy union....."
Now that's a glowing mention, if I ever read one. Thanks for your kindness and honesty, Miss Stevens, and thank you for all of your contributions to the world of music. You were a class act.

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