Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy 100th!

I know you think I've abandoned you, but I promise I've been around. I've just been trying to come up with an awesome 100th post, but I can't. Why? Because every post with Jeanette is an awesome post. There's simply no way to top the perfection I have in the other 99. I really have nothing better to do than be a big fat troll. Guess who owns this picture...

Oh, what's that? You can't get the hi res of this awesome picture of Jeanette holding hands with Rise Stevens? (Now THERE'S a rumor for you!) Oh, maybe it's because a bunch of fools ruined it for everyone by making fun of Gene. It's a shame, really. Maybe I'll start acting like a grown up when everyone else does. Which... I'm guessing will be never, so....

Happy 100th!

P.S. I had a dream about Mona Maris, last night. Anyone got that one in a dream dictionary?

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