Sunday, September 6, 2009

Be kind...

After years and years and years, I finally got a copy of the Playhouse 90 version of Charley's Aunt, with Art Carney and a whole slew of famous people. One of those being Jeanette, duh.
I want to know how I managed to get to this age without knowing that Gene was in it. I mean, was this fact simply glossed over in my childhood? I certainly don't think it's on the list of the many things I've managed to block out. You'd be surprised at the brain's power to keep you sane. You can honestly, and purposely, block out the most foolish things. And by foolish, I mean the things, not that the act is foolish. Then again, you'd also be surprised at how hilarious some of it seems, now. (I kind of like how threatening I am, to some people, lol...)
But, I'm afraid I've begun to wander again. I'm posting the last scene from Charley's Aunt because you MUST see how Jeanette delivers her immortal line, and her interaction with Gene. I will admit, I do think Gene was far more adept at comedy than he was drama, and these two are positively adorable together, in this. This is, possibly, my new favorite THEM thing, aside from their picnic with the goat in Smilin' Through. Which was epic. And there was a phantom hand. And because of Smilin' Through, this picture happened (from Eleanor Knowles Dugan's WONDERFUL book, The Films Of Jeanette MacDonald And Nelson Eddy):

Oh, Greer Garson, enough with the pretense. We all know you're only there to grab the cake and run like hell.
Video after the jump!

Here we have it, folks! Charley's Aunt, that CBS once threw in the dumpster. (Yes, CBS, I'm still bitter that you threw your archives away, and I was not there to save Lone Woman from the East River.)


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