Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You ARE serious business, Mrs. Morgan.

I need to talk about Three Daring Daughters.
Specifically, how I can't stop watching it.
More specifically, how Jose Iturbi would be a total Facebook stalker, if this movie took place in present times. It's the truth.
You know how you have that one friend who has that one guy that ALWAYS comments on her status, and it's kind of creepy? Yeah. Louise Morgan is your friend, and Jose Iturbi is that guy.
There really is no good reason why I'm completely obsessed with this movie. It's a good little movie, but there's nothing spectacularly out of the ordinary about it. It's more predictable than an episode of Grey's Anatomy (and this is coming from someone who really loves Grey's Anatomy). It's cornier than... well, an episode of Grey's Anatomy. But it's also funny. And adorable. Adorableness is a big factor. And Angela Lansbury's mom is in it. What more can you ask for?
Now, I'm a relatively new Jeanette fan. I'm still watching things for the first time and getting my proper MacEducation, but I do have to say I've had a bit of a crash course--as in, I recently watched five new-to-me movies in the span of two days (six if you count Bittersweet... which is debatable...), so I'm getting up to speed rather quick-like. The first Jeanette movie I latched onto was Cairo. CAIRO, OF ALL MOVIES. Kayla showed it to me and the first thing I did when I got home was go onto Amazon and find the VHS. Lucky for me, this time when I decided I needed Three Daring Daughters more than a fat kid needs cake, she happened to have an extra copy and generously donated it to the "Cara is poor" fund. Which is why I've been able to watch it the past two nights (the lack of a working television in my room leaves me to watch DVDs on my laptop), and come to the conclusion... well, many conclusions... but mostly, the conclusion that Jose Iturbi is a Facebook stalker. He just does not give up. Sure, Louise eventually gives in, but before that he's staring at her all creepy-like from across the ballroom, coming into her room uninvited, asking Angela Lansbury's mom about her, and stalking her to find out it's her birthday. If he had Facebook, he would know when her birthday was, because it would remind him. And he could send one of those goofy little gifts. And he so would. Because he's that guy. To illustrate this, Kayla used her Photoshop skills to create this gem:

But on another note--can we talk about Jeanette's wardrobe in this movie? Because it needs to be talked about. Some of it is really, really pretty. The brown dress with the little sparkles? LOVELY. A++. The blue dress with the awkward hang-down belt thingy? Great color. Maybe lose the belt, though. But then... then, there is the Orange Dress. Let's examine.

The Dress by itself is actually quite pretty--I might change the color, seeing as how I'm of the firm belief that redheads should not wear tangerine orange, but other than that, it's very pretty. Except, there's the flower.

If it can even still be called that. It's bigger than her head. It's almost bigger than that lamp. It's an entire hibiscus plant... pinned to her dress. I know it takes place on a cruise and there's water and it's summer and all that, but that really doesn't excuse wearing a flower bigger than your head. It just doesn't. And if that wasn't enough, she next shows up wearing a drapey flowy white thing with--you guessed it--another giant flower.

For some reason, this one is much less offensive. I don't know why, but when I look at it it doesn't make me want to be like "JEANETTE PLEASE TAKE THAT OFF BEFORE IT EATS YOUR NOSE." (Because flowers eat noses. Shh.) The White Dress is worn while Jose the Facebook Stalker proposes to her. Yes, PROPOSES. To a woman he HARDLY KNOWS. And for some ungodly reason, Louise accepts, in the greatest way possible. Instead of saying yes like a normal human, she blows out the candle on her wee little birthday cake. And that is her answer. End scene.
I'm going to stop talking now, because I don't want to spoil this lovely little movie for the masses. In summation, watch it if you haven't, and if you have, watch it again and this time picture Jose Iturbi trolling Louise Morgan's Facebook profile. Laugh. Repeat.

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  1. This is so funny and true...thanks for being so will keep me coming back.
    Di T.