Saturday, September 12, 2009

Since I got this picture, I have wondered what is going on. Mostly, I make up conversations. I also wonder if Jeanette just told them their first dirty joke, something like, "What happens when you cross a pig and a clown? A DIRTY JOKE!"

It was probably something extra amazing, like Jeanette just lost the game of jacks and announced "KITTENS FOR EVERYONE!" to divert the attention from her sad loss.


  1. i still maintain she's telling the girls the constance bennett story. jane and ilka gumm totally get it, and the little one's kind of clueless, all while jeanette's about to bust out laughing.

  2. It's because Alix hasn't yet gotten her birds & bees talk.

  3. I WANT THE JEN VERSION OF THE BIRDS AND BEES TALK. Ahahahahaha, can you imagine?

    Actually, she would have made it an epically great story and nobody would have been embarrassed or upset at all, because hi, she would have been Mommy of the Year fo' seruss.