Thursday, September 3, 2009

I will admit that I, like Cara, love Three Daring Daughters for all the wrong reasons. Still, there's that one right reason that makes me feel validated, that makes me feel like Jeanette isn't perched on her fluffy cloud castle in the sky going, "God, you gave me so many nice fans, why'd you have to give me this one?"
There's seriously very little I wouldn't give to be Jane Powell in Springtide. I'm talking vital organs, here. Kidneys, livers... wait, I only have the one liver so maybe I'm not so serious about this giving vital organs thing.
Anyway, I LOVE Springtide. Back in the 1700's, when I was just a child and used the moniker "NelsonAnJeanette" on AOL, I somehow managed to rig a VCR through a stereo, into my computer's microphone jack JUST so I could have a recording of it to take with me everywhere. I can't even remember how I did it, I just know that it happened, and there were lots of cords.
Did I mention that I was not exactly popular with the other kids?
Not to mention, I place a hardcore WANT on Jeanette's robe thing. A.) It's gorgeous. B.) It doesn't have a padlock randomly hanging from the belt (which Jose Iturbi probably snuck in and stole the key to. Creeper.) C.) I could cut out the shoulder pads and tell people they were still there, pretending like I didn't have Joan Crawford shoulders that linebackers are envious of.
So yes. Springtide. I love it. You shall watch it now.

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