Wednesday, September 16, 2009


How I feel right now can be summed up in this picture.

AKA Everything I'm looking at right now makes me sneeze.

This has been your daily dose of "Kayla Makes Sense."


  1. You're allergic to the Jamster??

    That's tragic. I think she smells nice. Elinor Donahue said that she, "smelled like everything wonderful in the world, flowers and powder and something minty that might have been mouthwash or toothpaste." SQUEEEEEEEE

    I need to find that interview. I have it somewhere. She talks about getting to spend two days of shooting tucked into that lovely slippery bed with Jeanette, who rubbed her back and played with her hair and told her stories about when she was little. (!!!!!!!!!) And that she always did her own makeup and that she would touch up the two youngest girls when they needed---out of her own makeup box!

    omg. could you just die???????? i love her.

  2. No, haha, Jeanette was allergic to Lassie. She's looking at Lassie... yeah, it makes sense, haha.
    I've always thought it was hilarious that, when Elinor Donahue had a sniffle during the Dickey Bird scene, Jeanette sort of scooted her down on the bed like, "Love you, but not getting sick, thanks."