Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday is Czaritza Day.

...Because I said so.

Many, many moons ago, I saw this clip of the Czaritza scene from Maytime way, way before I ever cared at all about Jeanette. (I KNOW, RIGHT?! I should jump off a bridge.) I was really upset about something or other--must not have been too terribly important because I can't recall it now--and Kayla started linking me to Jeanette clips on YouTube as a means of distracting me from whatever drama queen diva moment I was having. I remember seeing the last scene of I Married An Angel (all the crazy stuff that at one point involves Hula Brigitta), Springtide, and this. Czaritza. I was then shown a clip of Kathryn Grayson and Mario Lanza singing the same song--in English--from That Midnight Kiss. This song which, mind you, I have been trying to find the title of for the past 15 minutes with no luck. Everything I consult is calling it Czaritza. Which I know is the name of Marcia's opera, but not the name of THE SONG. Anyway, I remember being really taken with this Czaritza business when I first saw it, and especially enjoying Jeanette's hat... head-dress... thing. If I could feasibly pull this outfit together for Halloween, I would. It was over two years after first seeing that before I actually WATCHED Maytime. Needless to say, now it all makes a LOT more sense. And I heart it that much more.
Di sent us this lovely Czaritza photo, which I have been waiting for an excuse to post, so here it is! Click to make it full-size and gorgeous.

Videos after the jump! That's right, VIDEOS. PLURAL. Click it!

So, here we have the ORIGINAL OMG! Czaritza. The magical hat. Kayla wanted me to inform you that she likes to translate every word of this song as "My arms, they flail, to show you my love." There IS a lot of flailing going on here.

Annnnd in lieu of the Kathryn Grayson/Mario Lanza version in English from That Midnight Kiss (the clip on YouTube is Not Good Quality and picks up in the middle of the song, therefore marring its epicness), we present you with them flailing their arms, too, in Libiamo from Trrrraviata (we say that like the true Barrymores we are).

Kayla would also like everyone to know she is scanning a zillion Kathryn Grayson pictures, and will "brb in 10 years." It won't really be that long, but let us all wish her the best of luck in her scanning endeavors. (Just for clarification, I'm not being a terrible friend by not offering to help--we live in different states; otherwise, I'd be her scanning elf.)

Thoughts? Comments? Peanut gallery? What do YOU love about Czaritza? INQUIRING FANGIRLS WANT TO KNOW!


  1. Can you post the link to the bad quality Thing to which you refer? I's lost.

    My favorite thing about Czaritza (well, one of them anyway) is the way Jeanette strokes the back of Nelson's head. That makes me all twitterpated inside like you have no idea.

    And the kiss ain't bad either.

    I don't think it's possible to breathe or to allow your heart to beat while that is being sung. I always feel like I've run a mile when it's over. SIGH. Epic perfection of massive proportions.

  2. here's kathryn and mario:

    the clip starts in the middle of the song and the sound quality isn't the greatest, so we made the executive decision to post arm flailage instead.

  3. According to the back of this wise CD case, the title for the TMK one is just "Love Is Music."
    I'm just gonna go ahead and trust my pal Sal, on that one. And I know that the English lyrics are not the translated Czaritza. But STILL, well played Pasternak, going green with your music. (Recycling!)

  4. he also recycled Jose Iturbi! very environmentally-inclined guy, that Mr. Pasternak.