Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Have a picture... again.

I have a confession.
I've never seen San Francisco.
Well, I guess it's not such a shocking confession considering, as I've said, I'm still getting my proper MacEducation, but regardless, it's true. I have not seen San Francisco. My local library has it on DVD. In fact, it is the only Jeanette movie they have, which is another non-shocker as there's not much of her available on DVD, but they don't have any on VHS either. Then again, who else even watches VHS tapes anymore besides... us? Right. So. Anyway. My offering this evening is a photo from San Francisco, thanks to Di from America's Singing Sweethearts. Picture is small since Blogger likes to cut off the sides of large photos, so click on the wee one to see it full size, and after you take a gander be sure to scroll down for Kayla's post discussing Busby Berkeley and Lady Gaga. It's basically genius.

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