Friday, September 11, 2009

...What's That, Philip Castanza?

In effort to establish my collection, I ordered The Films of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy from a few days ago. I'm aware that like everyone but me already owns this book, because it is a very wonderful book. (Also the cover is PINK and that's a selling point for me). It cost me ONE DOLLAR, which is phenomenal. Not that I think Jeanette is only worth one dollar, but I am not monetarily endowed (read: I'm poor as dirt), so I was pretty stoked about that bargain. Side note--I highly recommend to everyone. They have just about any book you ever want, great prices, and the sellers are very timely with shipping. Needless to say, I was pleased to come home from work today and find that my book had arrived. My grandma happened to be over and was really super impressed that a) I had received a book in the mail from the internet and, more so, b) that it cost me one dollar. More after the jump (I promise there is a point to all this...)

This is the portion of the post in which we play a game. The game goes like this: I'm going to type out a portion of Philip Castanza's plot synopsis for Three Daring Daughters, and you see if you can't figure out what's not right about it. Ready? Let's play!
Meanwhile, Louise, on ship-board, has fallen in love with Jose Iturbi. They marry and return happily to New York, where Louise finds her ex-husband ensconced and determined to re-wed her in order to make his daughters content. Louise's newfound happiness with Iturbi is at stake, and it takes her every feminine and motherly wile to convince her daughters to stay our of her life and convince her ex-husband to go back to being a foreign correspondent.

Figure it out yet? Well, time's up. The correct answer is THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE. Louise's husband doesn't actually come back! Ever! He's not determined to re-wed her! But super props to Philip Castanza for using the word "ensconced." That's a word you just don't hear enough.
And for clarification, I'm really not trying to knock this book--I just found that humorous, is all. Back to your regularly scheduled Friday night.


  1. What a bargain! I bought my copy from eBay and the postage to the U.K doubled the price...but it was worth every penny as there are some great pictures and write ups on every film.