Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Picture Is Not Average.

I had planned on posting this earlier in the evening, but then a bat got into my house. I know, you're riveted. You want to know more. You're dying to find out what happened.
Animal control will kill it, and I'll get another letter addressed to Kayla: BITE VICTIM.
Great story, right?
But on to bigger and better things which, duh, include the art form of photography. If you look up photography, in the dictionary (which is what we do here. we look things up in the dictionary. see sidebar for clue-in on inside joke), you will NOT find the following:
The art of using an old lightboard, a digital camera, and a tripod to take a picture of an 8x10 negative that no one will print for you because they're afraid the big bad scary MGM monster will eat their souls. Then using the invert filter on photoshop to create a positive image, which can be posted on the internets.
Silly photo labs. Don't they know that MGM's own soul has long been broken into tiny pieces, and is owned by several mega-corporations, whose home offices are approximately the size of Alaska?
Nothing to worry about, there.
You're still waiting for that picture, aren't you? Yeah, well... FINE.

I have wanted a real life copy of that picture since God wore short pants. The mere fact that I'm using the term "short pants" is possibly indicative of how old I am. Probably not, though.
Well, kids, if I knew you were coming, I'd have baked a cake. Since I didn't, and Greer Garson is obviously not going to show up for this party, go to bed.

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