Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Here at The Jeanette MacDonald Blog, we know that it's next to impossible to improve upon perfection. After all, that's why there's only one Jeanette. Only one Nelson. Only one Kathryn Grayson. Only one Judy Garland. Only one...
What was I saying?
Oh yes, we know it's next to impossible to improve upon perfection. Still, being the wise lasses (or wise asses, take your pick) we are, we can always accept that there's room for suggestion.
That being said, I'd like to introduce a feature to our humble blog, known henceforth as The Zador Report. In this series of blogs, which may or may not last longer than a week (it'll likely last until the end of time), we will make suggestions which might have made I Married An Angel even better than it already is. As I said, it may seem impossible, knowing IMAA as the absolute beast of perfection that it is. Still we're committed to giving it our all!
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Yes, MGM, it did shatter every past precedent of the movie musical. I'll refrain from using colorful terminology (and not the GE FM kind) to describe HOW it was shattered, so we'll just go on.

Cut out the quintuplets line. I'm sure I'm not the only person who yelled at the screen, "UM, SIR, PLEASE CONSULT THE BABY MAKING GUIDEBOOK BEFORE COMMITTING TO SUCH THINGS."
You see, he wasn't exactly marrying Kate Smith, for the love of God. Take a look at Anna's frame. Wee. Tiny. NOT GONNA HOLD 5 BABIES.
One idea would be for Willie to say, "WE'RE GONNA ADOPT KIDS LIKE THEY'RE POKEMON! GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!"

This concludes your first Zador Report. I never said it was going to be funny.

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