Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not goin' home 'till judgment day!


Well, as any person with the intelligence of of parakeet will tell you, this is not Jeanette MacDonald. She's dead. We all cried. Well, if we were born, we would have cried.
This blog is run by two happenin' senoritas from the Midwest, and no, not the ones you're thinking of slash the ones who we think are possibly the coolest people ever. We know that Jeanette already has quite the presence on these vast tubes of the internets, but really. Really. There can never be enough Jeanette Anna MacDonald. We're hoping to fill these pages with lots of pictures and fun things, along with random commentary which will, perhaps, make Jeanette seem like the fun lady she WAS, and hopefully help some people entertain the notion that she was NOT a stiff, unfeeling diva whose movies come across just about the same.
That, friends, is a monstrous falsehood.

Here's the deal. No controversy. No snide comments. We WILL delete anything we feel like deleting because it's our site and we can run it as we see fit. Jeanette would have deleted whatever she wanted, and you know it. If you disagree, that's totally cool. All we want to do is give people the opportunity to laugh at the Jeanette who was not always serious business (and didn't even want to be serious business, in Three Daring Daughters). I mean, we're talking about the woman who had some dudes haul her on to the set in a dog house when she angered Woody Van Dyke. She punk'd Jane Powell like nine times when Jane was trying to film a crying scene. She was hilarious, and we intend to bring THAT to light.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we give to you the not so serious business but VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS Jeanette MacDonald blog.
Let us begin with a story.

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