Saturday, September 5, 2009


This isn't so much a suggestion for the movie, but one for the publicity stills. I require MOAR. It's as if Jeanette and Nelson came to the conclusion that their team efforts were basically being murdered by this film, and decided to be absolute epicute goofballs in the publicity photos.
Exhibit A, from

It's like someone spilled a bottle of super glue on their arms and went, "Good Luck." Look at their faces. It's like the scene in New Moon where they just got married. Except here, he's squeezing the hell out of her, and she's threatening to kill him with her eyes, then stuff him into one of Gene's many top hats.
Love it.
MOAR! After the jump...

Exhibit B, from Amazing Town, USA, aka Corbis.

I love this whole series of photos, from when Jeanette and Nelson went to Camp Care-A-Lot for Jeanette's sensitivity training, AKA "How not to piss off your boss by sending in your lawyer to say that he's your personal confidante."
Jeanette got an F minus in this course.

More to come when it's not 12:30 AM and I don't have to be at work in 7.5 hours.

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