Friday, September 11, 2009

Now it's time for story time!

Another gem from The "Not Canadian Bacon" Jeanette MacDonald Story, during the filming of San Francisco
After the filming was completed, it was discovered that some scenes would have to be reshot. By this time, Gable had shaved off his moustache. The obstacle was overcome by the makeup department, which supplied him with a false one. Well and Good. Gable and Jeanette proceeded to the sound stage to reshoot a closeup that concludes with their kissing. They rehearsed the scene, each careful not to disturb the other's facial makeup. Then the actual take was made. When the scene was completed, VanDyke shouted, "Cut." The two stars broke from their embrace. Only then did Jeanette discover that part of Gable's moustache was attached to her face.

Just to solidify how amusing this is, I'd like to offer a horrible artist's rendition of this occurrence, after the jump.

I hope she kept it. And wore it to parties.
I almost wish I could edit in Judy Garland circa '49. Girlfriend liked to hand out 'stache cups.

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