Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crazy Hat of the Day!

This is a good one!

Jeanette. Jeanette Anna MacDonald Raymond. Why oh why did you wear a hat that looks like you've glued pom-poms to the side of your head?

Picture is thanks to Vonnie over at America's Singing Sweethearts :o)


  1. She kind of looks like my cat when his tail surprises him. Like, "WHAT IS ON ME?! Oh, the hat I had to wear because Blossom and I lost the three legged race against Gene and Clarence."

  2. There's another pic of this hat that his HYSTERICAL because she has the MOST disGRUNTled look on her face. Like someone put that hat on her head without her knowledge and she just walked past a shop window and spied herself...

  3. i wanna see the other pic! I COMMAND YOU TO UNEARTH IT.
    that hat is for real out of control, though.

  4. Oh Jen sure had some crazy hats, but guess we all have our downfalls. Great blog by the way.